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For women who want to live, look and feel better!

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& Learning

If you're tired and frustrated with not seeing results, or you achieve them but slowly sink back into old habits we've got the solution.​

We'll not only help you get results but also give you the knowledge and understanding to keep getting them.

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Fitness & Strength

Our structured programmes are customised so no matter your starting point or ability level.

Our coaches are dedicated to helping feel fitter, stronger and more confident with a body you can be proud of.

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Community & Achievements

You're not just joining another gym at.


You'll be part of a growing community of strong and supportive women who will be there for through all your challenges and achievements with motivation and encouragement.

No Limits On Your Potential



We're a community who will support you with education to reach your fitness goals


We focus on you and your goals, we created a fun and challenging environment for women who want to train for results and try weight training without the stimga and judgement that comes with most commercial gyms.

No Matter Your Starting Point

Whether you're new to fitness or a Team GB athlete our coaches are on hand to help you.


Our programmes are structured to work with all ability levels to get you the best results.

Dedicated Coaching

We know how scary it can be starting somewhere new. With us, you're never left guessing or not knowing what you're doing.


Our sessions are small so the coaches can dedicate time to you so you get faster results.

A Community Like No Other

Getting results is one thing, but doing it with the amazing support of others it creates a fun yet challenging environment that feels less a chore. 


We don't just train together, our members are our friends, they're our family


And we THRIVE together!


Test drive our gym, meet the team and experience our inclusive culture.

If you're ready for change and want a passionate team to help, you can get started now.


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