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What you get for £99

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You'll get a 1 to 1 evalution where one of our coaches will give you a movement assessment to help us define your start point and plan a personalise programme.

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You'll get the opportunity to have a body scan to help you see your change in body composition as you get results.

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We'll tailor your training in our small group personal training to get you the results you want with scientifically proven methods.

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You'll recieve the best coaching around from our passionate, knowledgable and friendly team who'll guide and support you from day one.

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you'll get the same benefits as our full membership to give you best experience of training with us. With over 60 sessions per week to choose from including our brand new Team Training.

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Flexible training times. You're not fixed to one time of the day when you train with us, choose the times that suit, fit them around your work, your family, your children.


Ready to try our us on for size? Take the trial and meet the legends within

What happens next:

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Once you've made your payment online you'll receive a receipt and confirmation of your trial via email.

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Book your Evaluation

Next, you'll be able to select and date and time to come in for your 1 to 1 Evaluation with a coach before you get started.

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Start your TBC Journey

After your evaluation, we'll get your first session book and help you with planning your journey over the next 30 days and beyond.

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After very unorganised training in the past. I'm now seeing more results than ever due to the structured sessions. When I Initially I thought I'd last a few months...


I can't imagine TBC not being part of my weekly routine now! I'm definitely hooked!

~ Kirsty Holmes


Ready to try our us on for size? Take the trial and meet the legends within


What times are your classes?

Our current training times are: Monday - Thursday 6am, 9:30am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm & 7:30pm Friday 6am, 9:30am, 5:30pm & 6:30pm Saturday 10am & 11am

Where are you located?

We're opposite Tecaz on Portrack Lane in Stockton. Unit 1-2 Portrack Court, Portrack Lane, Stockton on Tees, TS18 2XB

What if I have injuries can I still train?

Our coaches are highly experienced in rehabilitation and at adapting your training to suit your needs whether you have a current injury or you need to work around a previous one. We've worked with members suffering with joint problems to total replacements, from back pain to post pregnancy so rest assured you're in good hands with our coaches. We also work alongside physios and doctors to make sure you have the most positive outcome following any injuries you might have or experience

What can I expect when I sign up?

When you sign up one of our coaches will contact you so we can get to know you, your goals and your previous history of fitness and health. During your first session we will guide you through the porgramme assess various movement patterns and provide movement coaching specific to your body. Emphasis will be on learning more about you and finding your starting point. It can be a lot to take in so we'll also send you personal emails to get your learning process kickstarted so you feel more comfortable.

Will I get 'too big' lifting weights?

In short, No. Lifting weight can increase your muscle mass but it's doesn't make you big or bulky... If it did all the skinny guys in the gym with string vest would be muuuhasive! 💪🏽 If you have body fat you want to lose, building muscle through lifting weights can be a huge help rather than a hinderance

What happens on a typical session?

  • You're greeted as you come in by a coach and all the members
  • A coach will show you were to put your things and go through the training plan for the day.
  • You'll perform a general warm-up to get your blood flowing and joints prepared
  • We'll god through the main part of the session including demos, reps, weights and any modifications you might need
  • During the main sessions the coach will spent time asking how the movements feel and give you feedback on any changes (should you need them)
  • Next you perform the secondary part of the session with accessory work or conditioning again with demos and guidance on individual adjustments
  • Finally we before a cooldown, reset the gym and get feedback on your session

Am I fit/strong enough to join?

No matter whether you're a seasoned lifter or starting for the first time our coach team are on hand to help you regardless of where you start from. When you look around our gym, you will see people who are enjoying the team work of participating in the same workout while doing different movements based on their ability levels. One of the best things about having a coach is that there is someone there to make sure you are pushing yourself, sometimes this means helping you make the workout more ‘manageable’. You don't have to be the best to start but you have to start to be your best!

Will I get results with your programme?

100% provided you're willing to do the work and be accountable you're guaranteed to get results! Our process for bringing new members into the community is designed to assess your readiness to start working towards your goals. Our coaching team will be there with you every step to support you and make sure you're doing the things you said you would to reach your full potential.

After the 30-Day Kickstart can I become a member?

For sure, our kickstart is designed to get you a result and get you up to speed so you can become part of our awesome community. Towards the end of your programme we'll give you feedback and find out what you want to do next, if you're ready for the next challenge our monthly coaching programmes start at £89


Ready to try our us on for size? Take the trial and meet the legends within

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